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Services we offer:

We provide safe, confidential, and discreet in home or business REMOTE paranormal investigations and energy readings by phone. We determine what is causing the disturbances and remove Spirits and negative energies that can cause stress, health issues and give we you peace of mind that your home or bussiness will remain secure from other paranormal disturbances in the future. We also guarantee our work. We help you set the property up with a crystal grid so you will no longer have Spirits wandering through. Grief Counceling is also a part of this service if it is a loved one that is crossed over.

Remote Cleansings, done over the phone start at $25 or free with our kit, all work is guaranteed.

Can also be Scheduled

You will hear from passed relatives as well as have your Spirit Guide and Animal guides revealed. If requested they will do past life readings for you too which can sometimes find the source of your phobias and give you an insight into your life challenges. ORDER A READING

CLASSES for Psychic Mediumship Development, working with Gemstones and Crystals, and How to do Tarot Card readings
We have monthy classes scheduled call or email us for details and locations. We can conduct classes at your location if there is more than 4 students interested in attending.





CALL OC Paranormal
Discreet small private investigations and Spirit Removals with your needs in mind.

We do not leave you until you are satisfied with the spirit removal and feel safe again in your own home.

Free Email and Phone Consultations with our Psychic Medium Investigators.

For a Remote Cleansing anywhere in the World purchase our House Cleansing Kit Here for $39.99

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