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Safety Tips:

Investigator Protection instructions and House Cleansing classes available:
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It is so important to be cautious and prepared for paranormal researching here are a few guidelines to follow to make sure you and your team are safe before, during, and after investigations.

1) NEVER, EVER use a Ouija board . You are inviting anything to come in. Taking photos in your own homw with the intent to capture evidence is the same as a Ouija Board!

2) NEVER use a ghost box, or spirit communication device/app, do automatic writting or conduct a seance in your own home without protection. These are great tools for paranormal investigations, but using in your home can open a doorway that you do not want to have open. It's not worth the risk. The home is protected naturally by it's threshold of "home" energy to read more about this click here

3) NEVER use alcohol or drugs while investigating. Besides the obvious reasons not to i.e. falling down! Using drugs or alcohol you make yourself vulnerable to spirit attachments, you do not want anything to go home with you! Most Paranormal research groups prohibit the use of these when investigating now.

4) Meditate or Pray often, this strengthens the aura and your spirit. The aura is just like your immune system it keeps out unwanted negative energies/spirits and protects your energy field. Burning sage, wearing amulets (crosses, black tourmaline, onyx, smoky quartz, amber, amethyst, and placing crystals around your house manifests positive energy and protection fields. Shop in our store

After investigations say a little affirmation or prayer to keep spirits where they are.
Coming soon protection mp3 affirmations for your cell phone.


Sea salt baths take a tblsp in bath water cleanses the Aura!

5) Always tell someone where you are going and what time you will return, have a buddy, a cell phone and a compass!

6) Be Prepared for all possibilities. Wear closed toed shoes, bring extra jackets and gloves for nightime research, even in the desert it gets cold! Bring extra batteries, have all your equipment checked and ready to go. Pack some snacks and always have water with you.

7) Sageing, Burning Sage does not remove Entities and Ghosts, it only removes residual negative energy. Contact us for Ghost and Entity removals.

Happy researching!


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