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PHOTO Evidence:

The Queen Mary,
Long Beach CA

Photo Taken December 5th 2010 at 1 AM in the Pool Room.
Photo © C. Morgan
Child's Skull Apparition

The Queen Mary is such a great place to investigate! You can take the tours ( they go places like the pool room shown here) or you can do your own walk around investigations during the day, we highly recomend checking this great ship out it feels like the Titanic would have, you step back in time when you step aboard!

Click here for Psychic Erika Frosts Ghost tours of the Queen Mary

Many people capture "orbs" here but most are from all the reflective surfaces the entire place is tiled. We caught many flash orbs here and debunked them.

Please see debunking page for more info.


ABOVE Close-up from the larger photos on left the
man is one of the tour guides employees for the midnight Ghost Tour.
Photo appears to be a child's skull aparition..
(Note the large eye sockets and small nose and mouth.)
This is where the site-ings of the little girl are, although there are no known record of a female child dying on board the Queen Mary many people have witnessed the little girl apparition in the pool room.

Camera: Nikon D3000 Digital SLR Camera

No EVP or EMF evidence from this room.

The Little girl " Jackie" ghost is famous on the Queen mary although no record of a female child dying on the ship is recorded. Employees and many guests have seen her, and there is allot of EVP evidence of her voice.

I believe that there is a vortex on the ship that enables the spirits to manifest there easily they didn't necissarily have to die there to appear there!

Hear Jackie EVP:

PHOTO Evidence:

Nevada City Ghost Town Montana/Wyoming

Photo Taken August 2010
Photo © C. Morgan
Reflection of Two faces in the window with no people to reflect from!they are missing in the next photo below it taken right after the first.

This was a scary ghost town. They do reinactments of the famine that killed many there and the characters themselves are disturbing!

The town is actually made up of historical buildings from all over Montana and Wyoming that were brought here and added to the exsisting ghost towns buildings to make an entirely authentic ghost town instead of just the few buildings that were left here. It is huge! Along with these buildings came spirits from mining towns everywhere in the west.


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Train still runs during summer!

Haunted house literaly!

Close up of left photo:
Two faces reflected in glass , no one to reflect from! It was just me on the entire street there is no other people!

ABOVE Close-up from the larger photos on left

Camera: Nikon D3000 Digital SLR Camera

Original Town Hurse!

This actor was scary! Never broke character and she has a big axe!


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