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Meet Our Investigative Team: Call 949-870-9331 to schedule your appointment with us.

Lead Investigator/Founder:
Colleen Morgan

A very intuitive Empath & Spiritual Psychic Medium Colleen is OCP's Lead Paranormal Investigator and Founder. She has seen spirits since the age of 5 and comes from a family of gifted psychics and healers. She can feel the spirit energies around her and is very sensitive to EMF. Her gentle and calm way of working with clients will put even the most frightened family at ease.

Colleen believes that all Spirits should be treated kindly and with respect the majority are just scared people (without bodies) who just need help to make their transition to the other side where they belong. The investigations are geared towards both the human and spiritual clients. Educating clients is an important part of the investigation.

Colleen has been working with all types of spirits and entities and also does Spirit Release, Removes Spirit Attachments and does energy cleansings, clearings and healings. Colleen is also an Ordained Minister.

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For a Remote Cleansing anywhere in the World purchase our House Cleansing Kit Here for $39.99

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Lead Investigator: Tamara Jones
A very talented Spiritual Psychic Medium Tamara is OCP's Lead Paranormal Investigator. Tamara is able to speak directly with spirits and during investigations has a wonderful way of working with both the human clients and with the spiritual ones, helping them all to understand what is going on and helping all to get to a healing pleace.

Tamara comes from a theological educational background and continues her research now in the paranormal field.

Colleen and Tamara have been working together for years now and make an excellent and careing team to come into your home or business in a discreet professional manner. They will remove any spirits or entities through a method that had been developed and tested for over 30 years to sucessfully cleanse houses of negative energy and entities. Tamara is also an Ordained Minister.

Many other investigation teams will leave and not actually help the clients or the spirits, Colleen and Tamara will work with clients until the they are not afraid to live in their own homes anymore. Call 949-870-9331 for more information.


Please email us if you are interested in attending our psychic development classes and Paranormal Research Group Activities we do public investigations at local Haunted places, come join us for fun!


For a Remote Cleansing anywhere in the World purchase our House Cleansing Kit Here for $39.99

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