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Colleen Morgan
Spiritual Medium, Minister
& Founder

Tamara Jones
Spiritual Medium, Minister

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Got Ghosts?

Welcome to OC Paranormal! We specialize in Remote, Safe Spirit and Entity removals ( Cleansings ) anywhere in the World for yourself, your family, home or business and we guarantee our work*.

We have over 20 years experience removing Spirits and Cleansing Houses and Businesses. We are Spiritual Mediums and Ministers, having had special training in Spiritual Removals. We have performed close to a thousand (between the two of us), Remote Cleansings, Removals and Exorcisms sucessfully all over the World.

Your home or business should be a sanctuary for you, a place you feel comfortable without experiencing Fear, Spirit activity, or Negative Energy. All of this can affect your health, emotions, relationships, and prosperity. Removing these Spirits and negative energy can help.

We guide you through the appointment step by step by text, we make it easy for you, it takes about an hour.

Initial remote investigation is FREE by phone.

Call or text today Free Consultation Call USA Only: 949-870-9331

International Clients please EMAIL for intructions.

You can purchase your cleansing in two ways:

1) Purchase our Removal Kit (it has all the supplies you need for your Cleansing), and it includes the cleansing for FREE.
The kit is $38.99 plus shipping and you can ORDER HERE

Cleansing Kit Image


You can also get your own supplies and the Cleansings Fee is $25

Our Services Included in Your Purchase:

1) Entity and Earth Bound Spirit Removals (aka Ghosts) and House Cleansing.

2) Removing Spirit Attatchments aka. performing exorcisms on people who are ready to release their "Demon", which we prefer to call BOWD's Being of Other
Worlds or Dimensions.
Over 80% of the population has had a Spirit Attachment at sometime in their life. Most just drain your energy ( like a tick or parasite these are Spiritual parasites ) but some can also cause mysterious illness (doctors can not identify), feelings of not being yourself, sudden cravings or addictions, depressions where you never felt that way before, sudden personality changes, lost time, feelings of dread and memory issues, can all be caused by Spirit Attatchments.

3) Removing Negative Energy from the area and your Aura.

4) House and Business Blessings.

5) Aura & Chakra Healing during the Cleansing.

6) You may also if you are ready, release burdens you carry that are no longer yours, and past traumas. We can walk you through this process if you request it during the Cleansing.

7) Permanent protection for your home or business if you move just take your supplies with you and we will do another cleansing for free at your new place.

It is NOT nessisary for us to go to your home or business because the Spirits are in another dimension than we are. We are Spiritual Mediums and work with Our Guides and Angels and Yours to help with this cleansing. Just like remote Reiki and Chakra healings, we do not have to be physically present to perform sucessful Spirit Removals. You are protected by Angels during and completely safe.

Sageing only removes residual negative energy. Too many people use sage to try to remove Spirits and Entities and it usually just irritates them instead. It's like needing a Dentist to remove a bad tooth, and thinking you can do it yourself because you watched the procedure on tv, or read a book about it. Removals are not that simple, and most of what is shown on tv and in the movies is for effect and not real.

Please Contact us for help at

Call or text today Free Consultation Call USA Only: 949-870-9331

International Clients please EMAIL for intructions.

We will contact you by phone and answer any questions about your experiences and if needed and to set up a cleansing appointment for you. We give you all the tools and knowledge to have your home stay a sanctuary even after the cleansing

We no longer call it "investigating" and we do NOT collect evidence, we know Spirits are real and this is not for entertainment purposes as most parnormal experts exploit. We are real people helping people who are experiencing beyond what the 5 senses can sense. It is natural for everyone to be aware of Spirits, most people just shut it down and supress the ability. YOU ARE NOT CRAZY!!! We are here to help you through this....

 What is House Cleansing and Clearing?
Unlike most paranormal investigation teams, who tell you your house IS haunted then leave you there with the Spirits. We actually remove all types of negative spirits and negative energy remotely before concluding our cleansing.

We investigate psychically during initial contact by phone to determine what exactly is going on. You then can purchase the kit, set up an appointment, and the Cleansing then is done by Colleen or Tamara remotely during your appointment.

Not all paranormal activity is Spirit activity, and we can suggests ways, if not spirit, to fix your environments energy to promote a safe relaxed place for you to live or work. High EMF, Electromagnetic Frequencies can cause serious mental and health issues also.

Earth Bound Spirits aka. Ghosts are suffering, all of them need to be crossed over to where they belong. That is the only way any of us can help them. This is done with love and caring. It is not ok to have a ghost in your house that's harmless they are suffering they need help. No matter how "nice" they are they still drain your energy. We can help you, help them move on. ( some people become very attached to Spirits) it happens no shame in that, and we can help you to let go of them. The biggest gift you can give them is to have us cross them over. It ends their suffering and they are then healed.

For a Remote Cleansing anywhere in the World purchase our House Cleansing Kit for $39.99 ( Kit includes all you need with instructions to set up for your appointment ) and we will remotely bless and move on any spirits in your home once you receive your kit in the mail. It takes about ONE Hour for fo these cleansings and removals by appointment only.

We will set up with your help, a special protection grid so that you will be free from further spirits entering your home. Too many of our clients have paid hundreds to thousands of dollars to have Failed Cleansings by " Experts" to just have more spirits come in after the cleansing. We make sure you are protected and educated on how to keep your home free of negative energy. The Spirit release techniques we use have been perfected over 30 years by an Expert in the field who we intensly mentored with for three years learning safe and effective removal techniques for clients. We are trained Excorcists, we guarantee our Spiritual work, if you follow the guidelines given to keep clear.


Here are some things that void our guarantee: NEVER EVER do ghost hunting, take photos with the intent to capture evidence, or use ghost apps in your own home! You are asking the worst possible Spirit that is passing by to come live with you! Granted this gives us more business, but why put yourself and your family at risk?

It is ok to take regular photos in your home, It is the intent of capturing evidence, which is the same as useing a ouiji board or dabbling in things you shouldn't be, all of these void our guarantee.

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For a Remote Cleansing anywhere in the World purchase our House Cleansing Kit Here for $39.99

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